There Are Too Many Paint Color Chips at The Store! Help!

Its hard to find paint colors when you've decided to paint your home or business.


"What shade do I buy? Is it too bright? Is it too dark? Does the the paper chip look the same as the paint!? What sheen do I use?"

With thousands of paint colors on the market to choose from these days, it's understandable that many find it overwhelmingly difficult to decide on what colors to choose from for their paint projects. That's where I come in! 

Serving the Orange County and Los Angeles CA area with professional training from a #1 ranked national paint company as a Color Consultant Specialist, we will create an extraordinary space that will suit your unique design goals on your residential or commercial property. I've helped hundreds of people with small and large paint projects, making good friends along the way. 

So, before you pick up your tenth sample paint color in frustration, give me a call!

Why a Color Consultant?

Paint is a very inexpensive way to add value to any real estate!  I will come to your home or business after speaking with you about your project, and create an on-site custom color palette specific to your exclusive style, personality or business branding needs. Consultations usually only take 1-4 hours to complete and you're done! 

Using a Color Consultant will save you time! And will benefit your space by purposefully and effectively using color application techniques. 

Color sparks emotion and passions. The environmental nature of color has a profound affect on you and your family's behavior. Therefore, effective use of color is a wonderful way to to create the type of ambiance you are looking for; be it comfortable, calming, energizing, or inspiring. 

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Now, let's pick the right colors for your place!

On-Site Paint Color Consultation

Don't Let Paint Color Fears Stop You From Painting and Changing Your Life! Call Me! 

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